Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic


Handouts and Presentations
 From the 2006 Conference
Reports and handouts are posted as they become available.
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New Attendee Orientation
Dr. Oliver “Bud” Smith, Dr. Daniel Saint Germain
Welcome and opening remarks
Dr. N. Edwin Weathersby
Interactive Focus Presentation: Complex Cases Leading Questions, Leading Issues
Dr. Marc Gamerman
Leadership in Continuing Education: PACE
Dr. Oliver “Bud” Smith and Dr. Sherry McAllister
Leadership in World-Wide Mobility
Dr. Rick Cole, Dr. Ed Devereaux, Dr. Joseph Brimhall, and Mr. Peter Waite
The Role of State Chiropractic Examiner Boards in Regulating Managed Care Practices
Dr. Tino Villani


Training Session: PACE
Dr. Rick Cole, Dr. Oliver “Bud” Smith, Dr. Sherry McAllister,
and Dr. Jerry Grod
Keynote Presentation: Dissecting Your Practice Act

Dr. John Triano, Dr. Denise Natale, and Mr. Dale Atkinson, Esq.

Reducing Patient Risk of CVA
Dr. Gerard Clum
Chiropractic Leadership in DOT Physicals
Dr. Mike Megehee
Orienting New Licensees
Dr. Larry Spicer
Best Practices Documents and Licensing Boards - A Quick Update
Dr. David Taylor
16th Annual Joseph Janse, D.C. Lecture
Visionary Leadership In Regulation
Daryl D. Wills
Closing Remarks
What Can FCLB Learn From Enron?
Dr. Louis Sportelli


2006 Chiropractic Regulatory Board Members
2006 - Submitted Reports
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As we approach our 2006 conference, we are excited to offer a valuable communication tool to our member boards. This opportunity will allow you to report on the most important decisions and display your achievements as a regulatory body.
Your submissions will be published on our conference website under the "Reports/Handouts" section. These are easy to share with your brothers and sisters in regulation.
Please email us your information. We can accept email text, WordPerfect docs, or Microsoft Word docs. Email:
It would be helpful to also snail mail or fax one hard copy to the FCLB offices to verify electronic delivery. Please do not bring copies of the reports to conference as done in previous years–this saves paper and money.
Click below to download a guideline for the reporting structure. Feel free to be creative with your board reports and remember what you report is what the public and the regulatory community will read. If you have a logo you would also like to include, please insert the graphic in your document.
info@fclb.org. It will be posted electronically here.
Member Boards

Donna M. Liewer, FCLB Executive Director, 
accepts the 2006 George Arvidson Award 
for Meritorious Service to Chiropractic Regulation

2006 Outstanding Board Award

Each year, the accomplishments of one board set a new standard for chiropractic regulation.   They model for others the excellence that marks the daily responsibilities of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.  They say it can be done – and then they do it.

This year’s FCLB award for outstanding chiropractic regulatory board recognizes two boards innovative and proactive efforts.   The regulatory world has expanded to include a better understanding of the informational needs of both patients and licentiates.

These boards have embraced those responsibilities, setting higher standards for communication and patient protection, for billing practices and diagnostic responsibilities.
From streamlined administrative processes to online services,
from emergency licensing to more flexible and creative disciplinary responses, these people have taken the board of tomorrow and brought it into clear focus today.

The foundation for their creativity is their commitment to service.   Without hesitation, they faced the ethical crisis within the profession and didn’t back down.   They identified needs for greater flexibility in licensing and discipline and took steps to bring necessary resources to their licentiates and their board.

For their creativity in finding effective methods of meeting needs within the profession,  for their commitment to developing character, professionalism, and ethics in their board and licensees, and for their willingness to volunteer generously their ideas and talent with the Federation family-

Please join me in extending our appreciation and recognition
to the FCLB’s 2006 Outstanding Regulatory Boards,

The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Dr. Barbara Stanfield,
Dr. Francesco Columbu
Dr. David Yoshida
Catherine Hayes


The New Mexico Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Dr. Leslie Schmidt
Dr. William Doggett
Ms. Pamela Brommer

Presentation by Dr. N. Edwin Weathersby, FCLB President, at the
Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ 80th Annual Congress
Portland, Oregon, May 6, 2006