Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

January 10, 2020 
Registration Opens
 - Early Bird fee: $450
January 27, 2020
Bylaws Amendments Due
Liewer-Cohen Grant App Due
CBLAC Grant App Due
Award Nominations Due
February 25, 2020
Voting Delegate &
  Alternate Designations Due
Intent to Run Due
Early Bird Registration Ends
 - Regular Registration: $495
March 26, 2020
Proposed Resolutions Due
Late Registration Begins
April 3, 2020
Room block closes



Who can attend the FCLB business meeting?
All interested individuals are welcome!

Who votes at the business meeting?
Each member licensing board has one vote, to be cast by the delegate (or in that person's absence, the alternate).

How do I register a delegate?
Complete a brief
delegate designation form and return it to the FCLB, postmarked or faxed February 25, 2020.  For more information, read the complete delegate designation policy.
IMPORTANT!  NBCE delegates MUST be registered separately with the NBCE.  For information about registering your NBCE delegate, contact Kay Leff at (970) 356-9100.

How can I submit a bylaws amendment?

Click here to review the current bylaws.  Bylaws amendments must be postmarked no later than January 27, 2020.  Please see Article XVI, Section I of the FCLB Bylaws

How do I run for office?
The open offices for 2020 are
  • District I Director
  • District II Director
  • District I Alternate Director
  • District II Alternate Director

Also open are the five positions on the Nominating Committee.
Please see the
bylaws for complete eligibility requirements.  

How do I submit a resolution?
Resolutions must be submitted by a member board in good standing either directly or through its delegate, or the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, or the FCLB Board of Directors.  Resolutions may be proposed at any time during the year, but must be received no later than 30 days
 before the FCLB annual Business Meeting.   Advance submission allows the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee adequate time to review the ideas and to work with the sponsor(s) to ensure proper format and clear language.  The submission deadline for 2020 is March 26.

 2020 Annual Meeting
Deadline for Delegate Designation: February 25, 2020
Click here for Dues Schedule


U.S. States Delegate Alternate Dues Paid
Alabama Dr. Kim Ogletree Dr. Brian Wells  Yes
Alaska Dr. Brian Larson    
Arizona Dr. Richard Guarino Dr. Wayne Bennett  
Arkansas Dr. Kent Moore    Yes
California Dr. Dionne McClain Dr. David Paris  Yes
Colorado Dr. Michael Simone Dr. Sara Schimdt  Yes
Connecticut Dr. Karlos Boghosian Dr. Candito Carroccia  Yes
Delaware      Yes
District of Columbia  Dr. Justin Klein Dr. Stephanie Johnson  Yes
Florida Dr. Danita Heagy Dr. Kevin Fogarty  
Georgia Dr. Robert Alpert    
Hawaii Dr. Rachel Klein Dr. Alice Holm Ogawa  Yes
Idaho Dr. Herbert W. Oliver    
Indiana      Yes
Kansas Dr. Steven Gould Dr. Mark Balderston  Yes
Kentucky      Yes
Louisiana Ms. Patricia Oliver Dr. Ned Martello  Yes
Maine Dr. Chandra Sasseville Dr. Paul Morin  Yes
Maryland Dr. Kindra Ingram Dr. Robert Frieman Yes
Massachusetts Mr. Richard Lawless Dr. Kirk Shilts  Yes
Minnesota Dr. Ridge Pidde Dr. Robert Daschner  
Mississippi Dr. Dorothey Pernell Dr. David Allen  
Missouri Dr. Margaret Freihaut Ms. Gloria Lindsey  Yes
Montana Dr. V.J. Maddio Dr. Marcus Nynas  Yes
Nebraska Dr. David Lauer Dr. Mark Wurth  Yes
Nevada Dr. James Overland, Sr Dr. Nicole Canada  Yes
New Hampshire Dr. Lisa Lanzara-Bazzani Dr. Keith Zimmerman  Yes
New Jersey Dr. Albert Stabile Jr Dr. David Allen  Yes
New Mexico Dr. Wayne Goforth Dr. Michael Pendleton  Yes
New York Dr. Bruce Steinberg Dr. Fiona Jarrett-Thelwell  
North Carolina Dr. Thomas Ayres Dr. Kevin Sharp  Yes
North Dakota Dr. Dion Ficek Dr. Michael Remmick  
Ohio Dr. Mickey Frame Dr. Johnathan Haggerty  Yes
Oklahoma Dr. Matthew Aguilar Dr. Amanda Housh  
Oregon Mr. Glenn Taylor Ms. Amber Reed  Yes
Pennsylvania Dr. Joseph Halloran Dr. William Aukerman  
Rhode Island Dr. Kevin Donovan    
South Carolina Dr. Beth Ehlich Dr. Michael Coon  Yes
South Dakota Dr. Kathleen Deutsch Ms. Marcia Walter  Yes
Tennessee Dr. Jason Hulme    Yes
Texas Dr. Mark Bronson Dr. Scott Wofford  
Utah Ms. Allyson Pettley    
Vermont Dr. James McDaniel Dr. Vermon Temple  
Virginia Dr. Ray Tuck    Yes
Washington Dr. David Folweiler Dr. Matt Waldron  Yes
West Virginia Dr. Holly Harvey Dr. Barry Stowers  Yes
Wisconsin Dr. Scott Bautch    
Wyoming Dr. James Buchanan Dr. Shane Copelan  Yes
U.S. Territories Delegate Alternate Dues Paid 
Virgin Islands      
Puerto Rico      
New Zealand      
Nova Scotia Dr. Janis Noseworthy    Yes
Ontario Ms. Jo-Ann Willson    Yes
Quebec Dr. David Hayes    Yes