Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

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Bylaws Amendments  2/5/2018 
Liewer-Cohen Grant  2/5/2018
Award Nominations  2/5/2018
Intent to Run  3/6/2018
Room Block  4/2/2018
Voting Delegate Designation  4/5/2018





Registration Rates
On-Time 3/6/2018-4/5/2018
Procrastinators $595 After 4/5/2018
Honorary Fellows $150 No deadline
Cancellation $100 4/23/2018
Chiropractic Board Administrators' Committee (CBAC) $60 separate fee applies
Chiropractic Board Legal Advisors' Committee (CBLAC) separate fee applies


Election Results
District IV Director  Dr. Cynthia Tays (TX)
District IV Alternate  Dr. Karen Campion (TX)
District V Director Dr. Ned Martello (LA)
District V Alternate Dr. Deb Hoffman (FL)
Administrative Fellow Director Ms. Patricia Oliver

Nominating Committee
District I Ms. Cass McLeod-Skinner (OR)
District II Dr. Patty Schumacher (WI)
District III  Dr. Lisa Lanzara-Bazzani (NH)
District IV Dr. Steven Gould (KS)
District V Dr. Bruce Hilton (NC) 

Proposed Bylaws Amendment

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Issue To amend Article IX. COMMITTEES to establish an investment committee to advise the Board of Directors on long-term investments.
Proposed by FCLB Board of Directors
Delegate Vote

Section 4. Investment Committee
A. Composition and Appointment
There shall be three (3) members on the Investment Committee, one of whom shall be the Treasurer and who shall select the Chair. Investment Committee members shall be appointed by the President with the input and approval of the Board of Directors. The term of the Investment Committee members shall be two (2) years.
B. Duties
The Investment Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on issues related to the Federation’s long-term investments to assure prudence and integrity in financial planning for economic stability. The Investment Committee shall recommend investment policies and financial strategies.
C. Vacancies
In the event of a vacancy on the Investment Committee, the President with the input and approval of the Board of Directors shall appoint a qualified individual to serve.

[the following sections will be renumbered]

Section 4 5. Ad-Hoc Committees

Section 5 6. Removal of Committee Members