Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

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CBAC - Presentation NC Dental Board v. FTC
Dale Atkinson,  Esq, FCLB General Counsel, Atkinson & Atkinson
 New Attendee Orientation - Welcome to the FCLB
Michael Coon, DC, Honorary Fellow
Hank Hulteen, DC, Honorary Fellow
 25th Annual Joseph Janse Lecture
Thomas Klapp, DC
 The Patriot Project - Presentation
The Patriot Project - Brochure
Timothy Novelli, DC, Founder
Solutions for Ethical Violations
Larry Spicer, DC, FCLB Administrative Fellow Director, Moderator
 ProBe Presentation
ProBe Ethics Remediation Handout
 Catherine V. Caldicott, MD, FACP, ProBe Program Director
 EBAS Presentation
 Judi Gerstung, DC, EBAS Executive Director
 CAs in Practice
Training = Safety
Paul Andrews,  LMT, CCCA, Tools of Practice
Mark Davini, DC, DABCN, Tools of Practice
 Improving Patient Outcomes through Comprehensive Staff Training Cathy Eberhart, MBA, Palmer College of Chiropractic
 The CTA Experience: Standards Advancing a Profession
Tiffany Stevens, Tennessee Chiropractic Association Executive Director
 CAs in Practice: Regulation & Maintaining Professional Integrity
Laurie Mueller, DC, CCCAOnline
 Robert's Rules Refresher
Paul Morin, DC, RP, Registered Parliamentarian
 Investigating Complaints
Beth Carter, Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Executive Director
Michael Fedorczyk, DC, Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners, President
Ben Lurie, DC, Chiropractic Physicians' Board of Nevada Vice President

The Arvidson Award for Meritorious Service
The Pennebaker Wiley Outstanding Board Award
 Dr James Badge  Outstanding Board
 Dr. James Badge (AZ)
 District of Columbia Board of Chiropractic

Grants and Awards
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George Arvidson Award
for Meritorious Service

Pennebaker / Wiley
Outstanding Licensing Board

This award is the Federation’s highest individual honor. Named for FCLB Past President Dr. George Arvidson of Minnesota, it recognizes integrity, service, sacrifice, vision, and commitment in the arena of chiropractic licensure.
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 This award recognizes an FCLB member board which has exemplified standards of excellence, serving as a model for every chiropractic licensing board. Nominees should have done something difficult, whether in terms of legislation, internal restructuring, political positions, development of educational materials, or other areas outside the mainstream of everyday operations.
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Donna Liewer-Cohen Grant
During Ms. Donna Liewer-Cohen’s 24 years as Executive Director of the FCLB, she earned the George Arvidson Award for Meritorious Service, helped initiated numerous service programs including CIN-BAD, PACE, and CCCA, and served as a friend and guide to a generation of regulators.

In honor of Ms. Liewer-Cohen’s service, the FCLB Board of Directors has chosen to assist an essential regulatory board member to attend the FCLB annual educational congress. This grant provides up to $2,500 in hotel, travel, and registration expenses. Board administrators provide invaluable support to regulatory board members, acting as advisor, historian, and facilitator in addition to keeping the board running.
Grant Application