Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

The FCLB Annual Conference gives regulators an opportunity to meet about shared concerns and swap problem-solving ideas.  Every year, our participants give each other new tools to meet the evolving demands of public protection.
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FCLB Proposed Bylaws Amendments

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The following proposed bylaws amendments were sent to member board offices and board chairs on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Issue Should the deadline to propose bylaws amendments be changed from 120 days prior to the annual meeting to 90 days prior?
Proposed by FCLB Board of Directors
Background This would allow the FCLB Board of Directors to timely address issues that may come before the board at its January midyear meeting and still get proposals to the membership at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting. The current 120 day deadline falls about 2 weeks short.

Since the board only meets in person at the midyear meeting and at the annual conference, it is helpful to address issues in person and also when legal counsel is present.

Bylaws Committee Recommendation Pass
Delegate Vote PASS
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Issue Should there be a provisional membership status (approved by the FCLB Board of Directors) created to enable boards to apply as new FCLB members?
Proposed by Dr. Kirk Shilts, Massachusetts Delegate
Background The current bylaws require that new members be approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

FCLB has received two applications over the past year from Australia and New Zealand, both of which will be formally admitted if approved by the delegates at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Marco Island. In the meantime, these boards would like to participate more fully as well as to receive FCLB services, so this delay is awkward and will arise again if FCLB receives additional midyear membership applications.

Bylaws Committee Recommendation Do not pass
(Committee notes that a better solution has subsequently been proposed by legal counsel and supported by FCLB Board of Directors, Dr. Shilts concurs. Amendment to be proposed in 2012.)
Delegate Vote DO NOT PASS
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 Thank you to our 2011 Conference Supporters 

On behalf of its member boards and staff, the Board of Directors would like to thank the entities and individuals listed below who have generously contributed funds to FCLB in recognition and support of the 2011 FCLB 85th Annual Congress.  This recognition, however, should in no way be viewed as a Federation endorsement of any product or program they provide.   
Thank you to all supporters who assist FCLB in our mission to protect the public and serve our member boards by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation. 
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners   Life University 
    American Chiropractic Association
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Ted Scott, D.C., President
    Life University - College of Chiropractic
Guy Riekeman, D.C., President
  American Chiropractic Association
Rick A. McMichael, D.C., President
National University of Health Sciences   Northwestern Health Sciences University    Parker College of Chiropractic
National University of Health Sciences
James F. Winterstein, D.C., President, CAO
   Northwestern Health Sciences University
Mark T. Zeigler, D.C., President
  Parker College of Chiropractic
Fabrizio Mancini, D.C., President
University of Western States     Texas Chiropractic College    Dynamic Chiropractic
University of Western States
Joseph E. Brimhall, D.C., President 
  Texas Chiropractic College
Richard G. Brassard, D.C., President
  Dynamic Chiropractic
Don Petersen, Editor
Palmer College of Chiropractic    University of Bridgeport    
Palmer College of Chiropractic
Peter Martin, D.C., Florida Campus President
  University of Bridgeport
Frank A. Zolli, D.C., Dean
  International Chiropractors Association
Gary Walsemann, D.C., President