Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

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San Diego, California
April 18, 1998


Submitted by FCLB Board of Directors

WHEREAS, a mission statement is a powerful guiding tool to help an organization focus on the direction of its programs; and

WHEREAS, the Federation’s Board of Directors secured professional guidance in the development of a draft mission statement and devoted several meetings in 1996 and 1997 to the process; and

WHEREAS, the resulting draft document was circulated for comment among all FCLB members for the better part of this last year; and

WHEREAS, the statement reads that the mission of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards is to protect the public and to serve our member boards by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Federation adopt the mission statement as drafted.

Passed, none opposed. 

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