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Palm Beach, Florida
May 31, 1997


Submitted by FCLB Board of Directors

WHEREAS, the early history of the Federation (and the International Congress of Chiropractic Examining Boards and the Council of State Chiropractic Examining Boards, as it was variously known previously) has been lost over the years; and

WHEREAS, the best that could be previously identified seemed to indicate the first official meeting of the organization occurred in 1933; and

WHEREAS, while researching some of the early history of licensing Dr. James Edwards of Kansas discovered reference to an early gathering of chiropractic licensing boards occurring in 1919 and the first official organizational meeting occurring in Kansas City, Missouri in 1926, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Federation adopt a date of 1926 as the origin of the organization of chiropractic licensing authorities, and adjust the sequential numbering of the Annual Congress to reflect that next year’s meeting in San Diego is the 72nd Annual Congress.

Attachment: Excerpt from “History of Chiropractic”, written in 1929 by Harry Gallaher, D.C., Ph.D., Editor and Compiler, Secretary of the International Congress of Chiropractic Examining Boards (full text is on file for any member’s review).

Passed, no opposition 5/31/97



Submitted for Consideration by FCLB Board of Directors 

WHEREAS, the Social Security Act includes sections 1128E and 1921, which contain federal legislation requiring all health care regulatory boards, including the 51 US boards regulating chiropractic, to report final disciplinary actions to the new, combined databank effective retroactively to 1992; and

WHEREAS, the existing CIN-BAD system of the FCLB contains most if not all of the data fields required by law; and

WHEREAS, most US boards have been reporting their public disciplinary actions to CIN-BAD dating back to at least the late 1980's, creating an excellent historical record; and

WHEREAS, duplicate reporting to CIN-BAD and the federal program would cause greater pressure on the limited staff and time resources of the chiropractic regulatory boards and their ability to serve the public; and

WHEREAS, the chiropractic regulatory boards are already familiar and comfortable with the CIN-BAD system which is available to them at no charge and the federal system will have querying costs associated with it; and

WHEREAS, one of the primary reasons for the Federation’s existence is to provide financial and staffing resources to support the efforts of our member chiropractic boards; and

WHEREAS, the issue of liability of “agents” is still unclear in the federal regulations; and

WHEREAS, the interests of the public safety and welfare are best protected by having information on public disciplinary actions available in both databanks, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Federation be empowered by individual contracts with each US chiropractic regulatory board to serve as reporting and querying agent to the newly combined National Practitioner Data Bank and Fraud and Abuse Data Collection bank, with the responsibility for modifying the CIN-BAD system as needed to comply with federal requirements, and

Member boards agree to continue to report to the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards as a collection source for both programs, and

If necessary, the Federation work cooperatively with other like “agents” to ensure protection against liability through appropriate changes in legislation and/or regulations.

Passed, no opposition 5/31/97

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