Our mission: to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic


November 2021 - 2022

Representatives to Other Organizations

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE)
Board of Directors
   (seated annually)

Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND) - Expires 5-22
Keita Vanterpool D.C. (DC) - Expires 5-22

Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB) Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C.
Chiropractic Summit  FCLB Executive Committee Member - Ongoing 




Standing Committees

Finance and Audit Committee
Expires 11/21

Robert Daschner
, D.C. (MN) - Chair
Mark Bronson, D.C. (TX)  
Cathy Riekeman, D.C. (NM)

Prepares and submits a budget to the member chiropractic boards at the annual meeting. Reviews the financial statement and audit of the corporation and advises the Board of Directors on changes in fiscal status.


Nominating Committee
Expires 5/22

Karlos Boghosian, D.C. (CT) - Chair
District I - Michael Remmick, D.C. (ND)
District II - Margaret Freihaut, D.C. (MO)
District III - Kevin Donovan, D.C. (RI)
District IV - Mark Bronson, D.C. (TX)
District V - Robert DeBonis, D.C. (VI) 

Five members elected by the membership (must be Fellows who have also attended at least one FCLB annual meeting).  Chaired by FCLB Immediate Past President.

Committee reviews letters of interest and CVs submitted at least 60 days prior, conducts interviews, and sets forth a slate of those candidates it feels are best suited for leadership in the offices elected by the membership as a whole, including the Nominating Committee itself.  No limit to the number of candidates they may slate.

Nominating Committee submits slate to member boards not less than 30 days prior to annual meeting.

Resolutions and Bylaws Committee
Expires 11/21

Kevin Fogarty
, D.C., (FL) - Chair

Daniel Cote, D.C. (OR)
George Curry, D.C. (CT)
Robert Frieman, D.C. (MD)
Jason Jaeger, D.C. (NV)
Brian McIntyre, D.C. (MO)

Maintains a continuing assessment of the bylaws, and receives all proposals for amendments thereof. Makes recommendations to the Federation regarding all amendments.

Receives all proposals for resolutions to be considered by the Federation and makes recommendations for approval or denial.


Special Committees or Task Forces


PACE Committee
Staggered three-year terms

Robert Daschner, D.C. (MN) - Chair
FCLB board member position
William Rademacher, D.C. (IL)
Current regulatory board position
Julie Strandberg (NV)
Board executive administrator position
Justin Klein, D.C. (DC)
Regulatory board member within the past five years position
Jim Anliot 
Public member position
John Downes, D.C. (Life University)
Current CE provider position
Shannon Gaertner-Ewing, D.C. (ID)
Chair - PACE Review Team


Chiropractic Board Administrators Committee

Lisa Blanchard (ND) - Chair
Emily Cronbaugh (WY) - Co-Chair
Beth Kidd (OK) - Board Liaison

Provides support and information for chiropractic board administrators.  Participation is open to all board administrators.

Model Practice Act - Task Force

Christopher Waddell, D.C. (OK) - Chair
James Buchanan, D.C. (WY)
Karen Campion, D.C. (TX)

Joseph Donofrio, D.C. (SC)
William Rademacher, D.C. (AZ)
Eric Russell, D.C. (TX)
Kevin Sharp, D.C. (NC)

A task force charged with developing, maintaining and amending a model practice act for regulating the chiropractic profession.

Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Committee

Jason Hulme, D.C. (TN) - Chair
Lisa Blanchard (ND)
James Buchanan, D.C. (WY)

Robert DeBonis, D.C. (VI)
Margaret Freihaut, D.C. (MO)

Cassandra Hulme, CCCA (TN)
Ned Martello, D.C. (LA)
Brian McIntyre, D.C. (MO)
Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND)

Jason Young, D.C. (OR)

Provides support and guidance for the CCCA program.

Passport Credentialing Committee

Kindra Ingram, D.C. (MD)
Patricia Schumacher, D.C. (WI)
Ms. Emily Cronbaugh (WY)

The Passport Credentialing Committee is charged with overseeing the administration of the Chiropractic Passport program


Investment Committee

Keita Vanterpool, D.C. (DC) - Chair
Robert Daschner, D.C. (MN)
Richard Guarino, D.C. (AZ)

The Chair of the Investment committee shall provide the board of directors detailed information about (1) assets allocation, (2) investment performance, (3) future investment strategies, and (4) any other matters of interest to the board concerning these investments.

Specialty Councils Task Force

Karen Campion, D.C. (TX) - Chair
Richard Cole, D.C. (TN)
Beth Ehlich, D.C. (SC)
Margaret Friehaut, D.C. (MO)
Steven Gould, D.C. (KS)
George Khoury, D.C. (PA)
Beth Kidd (OK)
Julie Mayer Hunt, D.C. (FL)
Cynthia Tays, D.C. (TX)
Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND)


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Quentin Brisco, D.C. (LA)
Aaron Chan, D.C. (WA)
Kindra Ingram, D.C. (MD)
Dione McClain, D.C. (CA)
Kimberly Ogletree, D.C. (AL)
Anthony Spivey, M.D. (FL)
Keita Vanterpool, D.C. (DC)
Nelson Velez, D.C. (PR)
Jason Young, D.C. (OR)

The purpose of this committee is to raise awareness about FCLB’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in chiropractic regulation, develop strategies to increase diversity in those involved with chiropractic regulation and the FCLB, increase interest amongst chiropractic students with diverse backgrounds to get involved in chiropractic regulation, and develop strategies for training/communication material pertaining to diversity in the regulatory industry.

Supporter/Friends of FCLB Committee
Danita Thomas Heagy, D.C. (FL) - Co-Chair
Rachel Wendt, D.C. (KY) - Co-Chair
Debra Hoffman, D.C. (FL) 
Hank Hulteen, D.C. (SC)
George Khoury, D.C. (PA)
Lisa Lanzara Bazzani, D.C. (NH)
Patricia Oliver (LA)
Keita Vanterpool, D.C. (DC)
Nelson Velez, D.C. (PR)

Pandemic Mitigation Task Force

Robert Frieman, D.C. (MD) Co-Chair
Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND) Co-Chair
Ray Foxworth, D.C. (President & Founder of ChiroHealthUSA)
Sherry McAllister, D.C. (Executive Vice President of Foundation for Chiropractic Progress)
Chandra Sasseville, D.C. (ME)
Kevin Sharp, D.C. (NC)

Karlos Boghosian, D.C. (CT) Ex Officio Member

Policies and Procedures Committee

Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND) Chair
Karen Campion, D.C. (TX)
Robert Daschner, D.C. (MN)
George Khoury, D.C.  (PA)
Lisa Kouzes, D.C. (OR)
Brian McIntyre, D.C. (MO)

Karlos Boghosian, D.C. (CT) Ex Officio Member

Telehealth Committee

Wayne Bennett, D.C. (AZ) Co-Chair
Carol Winkler, D.C. (ND) Co-Chair
Ray Foxworth, D.C.
George Khoury, D.C. (PA)
David Paris, D.C. (CA)
Cynthia Tays, D.C. (TX)
Keita Vanterpool, D.C. (DC)
Margaret Colucci, D.C. (NV) - Consultant

Explores how telehealth could be applied to chiropractic care and what regulatory structures might be needed to ensure patient safety and encourage best practices.