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Our mission: to protect the public by promotion excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards
Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

FCLB President Affirms Chiropractors are Essential Healthcare Providers
FCLB recommends Kentucky Governor Reconsider Position on Closing Chiropractic Facilities
FCLB President Designates COVID-19 Response Committee
FCLB asserts to Dr. Fauci the essential need for patient access to chiropractic care during the COVID-19 pandemic
FCLB Develops Template Letter for Member Boards - Sends to Governors of Ohio, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, and West Virginia
US Department of Homeland Security CISA Identifies Chiropractors as Essential Care Providers 
FCLB recommends Colorado Governor Reconsider Position on Closing Chiropractic Facilities
FCLB recommends Jersey City Mayor Reconsider Position on Closing Chiropractic Facilities
FCLB recommends Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Reconsider Position on Closing Chiropractic Facilities
DORA Revises Guidance for Chiropractors (Updated April 6, 2020)
FCLB COVID-19 Committee Recommends Member Boards offer CE and Licensing Renewal Concessions
FCLB Asks Governors to Support Regulatory Agencies in Adapting Policies

FCLB Recommends Boards Consider Policies on Telehealth   

Click here to View Oregon Template

Kentucky Governor Includes Chiropractic Offices in First Phase of Plan for Reopening Healthcare Services
May 14 FCLB produces video outlining legislative and health resources
May 26 FCLB releases workplace safety information video
June 17 JMPT publishes report of responses from chiropractic entities during the early stages of the pandemic
August 1 Dynamic Chiropractic publishes article detailing regulatory response to COVID-19
FCLB Post Pandemic Mitigation Task Force Issues Report
FCLB shared regulatory perspectives on telehealth in Chiropractic Economics (page 54)