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Our vision: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic

FCLB PowerPolls are informal surveys of board policies and practice.  PowerPoll responses do not constitute formal or legal statements.
PowerPolls are only for use by administrators of member boards, and not for public reference.  
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Actions expire from record (KY)      10/2017
Acupuncture (MN) 6/2018
Acupuncture terms (AR)  8/2017
Administrative Roles (AZ) 4/2019
Animal chiropractic (IA) 4/2016
Animal Chiropractic (ND) 9/2016>
Animal Chiropractic (MN) 6/2018 
Background Checks (WY) 2/2019
Background checks (OK)  5/2015
Background Checks for Students (OR) 6/2018
Background checks in CINBAD (AR)  7/2017
BEMER (NV) 9/2017
Board composition (WV) 2/2016
Board oversight (WV)  12/2017
Board structure (update)   10/2016
CA certification deadlines (AK) 2/2017
CA documentation (GA) 7/2015
CAs - Massage (OR) 4/2019
CAs - standing orders (MD) 6/2017
Cash Discounts - (WY) 8/2018
CBD (NV)  1/2018>
CE age and subject issues (MO)  12/2017
CE approval (MO)   9/2016
CE approval length (NC)  7/2017
CE Audits (MO)  7/2015
CE Certificates (AL)  4/2017
CE for Instructors (WV)  5/2019
CE from associations (OK)  10/2017
CE Requirements - Hands on (OR) 11/2018
CE Violations and Discipline  2/2019
Certifications and diplomates (GA)   3/2016
Certifications - Specialty (NM) 1/2019
Chiropractic Offices (MD) 11/2018
Claims review (LA)    6/2016
Clinic Ownership (OK) 12/2019
Clinic ownership issues (OR)   12/2015
Concierge chiropractic (NE)  10/2016
Cone beam (SD)   12/2017
Consent to Treat (NM) 8/2019
Corporations (SD)  8/2016
Corporations, authority over (MN)   7/2015
CPR requirements (CA)  9/2017
Daith Ear Piercing (AR) 7/2019
Distance learning, definition (FL)   8/2016
Dry needling (AR)  6/2015
Dry needling & percutaneous therapy (AZ)   6/2017
Dry needling update (WV)  2/2017
Dual relationships (IA)   2/2017
Electronic records (TX)   10/2017
Equipment Safety (TX) 11/2018
ESWT (NV)    8/2017
Ethics code (UT)   2/2016
Ethics Code Update (UT)  6/2018
Exam Approval (OK) 2/2019
Exams, online (NV)   9/2015
Expired licenses (NH)   9/2017
Expedited Applicaitons for Mil. Spouses (S.C.) 02/2020
Failure to Renew (NV) 2/2019
Fee Splitting (OR) 01/2020
Foreign Applicants (VT) 6/2018
Foreign Applicants Update 9/2019
Foreign Education (NV) 7/2019
Grade IV Mobilization by PTs (NV)  1/2018 
Graston by CAs (OR) 6/2018
Hyperbaric chamber (AR)   2/2017
Inactive licenses (MN)   12/2017
Informed consent (IA)    1/2017
Insurance - post-claim audits (OK)   8/2016
Interns (AR)   6/2016
Jurisprudence, online (AL)  4/2017
Licenses, expired (NH)   9/2017
Licenses, inactive (MN)   12/2017
Licenses, paper (OR)   2/2017
Licensing software (NV)  11/2016
Licensure photo (MN)   9/2017
License Registrations (TX) 10/2019
Licensure Requirements (OK)  2/2018 
Medical facilities (SD)   7/2015
Myopractic (AZ) 10/2016



NC Dental Board v. FTC (FARB) 8/2015 
Needle EMG (OK) 8/2019
Newsletters (NM)   6/2017
Online exams (NV)   9/2015
Online renewals (AZ)   7/2015
Osteopractors (AR)  10/2016
Osterpractors (OK) 3/2017
Pediatric Care (TX) 4/2019
Peer Review (AR)  6/2015
Peer Review (GA)  9/2015
Pending Charges - Disclosure (FCLB) 6/2019
Personal Injuries  
Photo for licensure (MN)  9/2017
Physical therapy by chiropractors (MD)  6/2017
Physicians, DC classification (GA) 7/2015
Practice Ownership (N.C.) 11/2019
Practice Monitoring (OK)  
Practice Ownership (NC)  
Prepayment (OK) 11/2018
Prescriptive Rights (NV) 2/2019
Prescriptive rights (DC)  8/2017
Prescriptive rights (UT) 8/2015
Reciprocity (MT) 11/2018
Reciprocity (AL)  4/2016
Remediation Courses 8/2019
Renewals, online (AZ)  7/2015
Restrictions based on Patient Demographics (MN) 11/2020
Sanctions (SC)  4/2016
Service Member/ Spouce licensure and CE (SC) 6/2020
Social media by boards (NV) 7/2015
Social media platforms (NV) 2/2018
Software for licensing (NV)  11/2016
Specialty recognition (update)  5/2016
Speciality Certificate - Kinesiology (NC)   5/2017
Sports Physicals (update)   8/2016
State Specific Exam Limit (OR)  
Stem Cells (NV) 2/2019
Stem Cells (OK) 11/2018
Stem Cell Therapy (OK) 11/2019
Strategic Planning (MO) 11/18
Subluxation Terminology (TX) 4/2019
Telehealth (WI)  12/2016 
Telehealth 1/2021
TeleRadiology (FCLB) 01/2020
Temporary licenses (update)  6/2015 
Temporary license fees (FCLB)  8/2017 
Temporary license types (WV)  12/2017 
Third-party review and training (NC)  10/2017 
Transcripts (MN)  6/2017 
Travel, board member (MO)  6/2017 
Travel Restrictions for Board Admins (WY / CBAC) 11/2019
Trigger point injections (OH)  5/2017 
Verification of credentials (MD)  10/2017