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Vision Statement: The FCLB is the premier international resource for information and consolidated services for ensuring the safe, ethical practice of chiropractic. 
 Mission Statement: Protecting the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards.


 Who can attend the FCLB business meeting?
All interested individuals are welcome!

Who votes at the business meeting?
Each member licensing board has one vote, to be cast by the delegate (or in that person's absence, the alternate).

How do I register a delegate?
Complete a brief
delegate registration form and return it to the FCLB, postmarked or faxed April 1, 2010.  For more information, read the complete delegate registration policy.
IMPORTANT!  NBCE delegates MUST be registered separately with the NBCE.  For information about registering your NBCE delegate, contact Kay Leff at (970) 356-9100.

How can I submit a bylaws amendment?
Click here to review the current bylaws.

How do I run for office?
The open offices for 2010 are District III Director and Alternate, and District V Director and Alternate.  Also open are the four positions on the Nominating Committee.
Please see the
bylaws for complete eligibility requirements.   To ask to be slated by the nominating committee, please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae postmarked no later than March 2, 2010.  Candidates may also run from the floor.

How do I submit a resolution?
Resolutions must be submitted by a member board in good standing either directly or through its delegate, or the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, or the FCLB Board of Directors.  Resolutions may be proposed at any time during the year, but must be received no later than 8:00 a.m. the day before resolutions are voted upon at the FCLB annual Business Meeting.   Advance submission allows the Resolutions and Bylaws Committee adequate time to review the ideas and to work with the sponsor(s) to ensure proper format and clear language.

Voting Status

2010 Annual Meeting
Deadline for Delegate Designation: April 1, 2010
Click here for Dues Schedule

U.S. States Delegate Alternate Dues Paid
Alabama  Kenneth J. Randolph, D.C.  Ricardo Herring, D.C.  Yes
Alaska  Rosemary Zimmerman, D.C.  James Heston, D.C.  Yes
Arizona  James Badge, D.C.  None Designated  Yes
Arkansas  Beverly Foster, D.C. Weldon Roberts    Yes
California  Hugh Lubkin, D.C. Frederick Lerner, D.C.   Yes
Colorado  Brian Pritchard Stephanie Canada, D.C.   Yes
Connecticut  Paul Powers, D.C. Matthew Scott, D.C.   Yes
Delaware  Christopher W. Baldt, D.C.  Arthur Travis, D.C.  
District of Columbia  Anthony Mirando, D.C.  Keita Vanterpool, D.C.   Yes
Florida  Sal LaRusso, D.C. None Designated    Yes
Hawaii  Nicholas Opie, D.C. Francis Brewer, D.C.   Yes
Idaho  Geffery D. Anderson, D.C.  Shannon Gaertner-Ewing, D.C.  Yes
Illinois  William J. Rademacher, D.C.  None Designated  Yes
Indiana  Marion Klaes-Lanham, D.C. David D. Davis, D.C.   
Iowa  John Calisesi, D.C.  Rodney R. Rebarcak, D.C.  Yes
Kansas  Gary Counselman, D.C. Terry Webb, D.C.   Yes
Kentucky  Mark Woodward, D.C. Frank Hideg, D.C.    Yes

 Ned J. Martello, D.C.

None Designated   Yes
Maine  Paul N. Morin, D.C. Moshe Myerwitz, D.C.   Yes
Maryland  Kay B. O'Hara, D.C.  Stephanie Chaney, D.C.  Yes
Massachusetts  Kirk Shilts, D.C.  Marsha Krohn, D.C.  Yes
Michigan  Solomon Cogan, D.C. Patricia Odette, D.C.   Yes
Minnesota  Richard R. Tollefson, D.C.  Teresa L. Marshall, D.C.  Yes
Mississippi  L. A. Norville, D.C.  None Designated  Yes
Missouri  Gary Carver, D.C.  None Designated  Yes
Montana  John Sando, D.C. Scott Hansing, D.C.   Yes
Nebraska  Lance Earhart, D.C. Douglas Vander Broek, D.C.   Yes
Nevada  Lawrence Davis, D.C. Ian Yamane, D.C.   Yes
New Hampshire  Leo M. Kenney, D.C. John D. Boyd, II, D.C.   Yes
New Jersey  Lawrence O'Connor, D.C.  Albert Stabile, D.C.  Yes
New Mexico  Leslie Schmidt, D.C. William Doggett, D.C.   Yes
New York  Scott Kilmer, D.C. Ellen Coyne, D.C.   
North Carolina  Randy Schilsky, D.C. John Webster, D.C.   Yes
North Dakota  Carol Winkler, D.C.  Dwight Schmidt, D.C.  Yes
Ohio  Mark A. Korchock, D.C.  Anna Villarreal, D.C., Esq.  Yes
Oklahoma  Ron Tripp, D.C. Vicki Resler, D.C.   Yes
Oregon  Joyce McClure, D.C.  Ann Goldeen, D.C.  Yes
Pennsylvania  Kathleen McConnell, D.C. None Designated  Yes
Rhode Island  Paul Miele, D.C.  Donald Murphy, D.C.  Yes
South Carolina  Michael L. Coon, D.C.  W. Dean Banks, D.C.  Yes
South Dakota  Marcia Walter Jeff Kramer, D.C.    Yes
Tennessee  Michael Massey, D.C. Christopher Alexander, D.C.   Yes
Texas  Kenneth Perkins, D.C. Glenn Parker   Yes
Utah  James D. Knight, D.C.  Gordon M. McClean, D.C.  Yes
Vermont  Palmer Peet, D.C.  Denise Natale, D.C.   Yes
Virginia  Valerie Hoffman, D.C.  None Designated  Yes
Washington  Harold Rasmussen, D.C.  Michael Milasich, D.C.   Yes
West Virginia  Peggy Kiser-Crouch, D.C. Jeffrey Summers, D.C.   Yes
Wisconsin  James Koshick, D.C. Steven Conway, D.C.   Yes
Wyoming  James Buchanan, D.C. Michael Davidson, D.C.    Yes
U.S. Territories Delegate Alternate Dues Paid 
Puerto Rico      Yes
Virigin Islands      Yes
British Columbia      
Newfoundland & Labrador      
Nova Scotia  Lisa Richard, D.C. Joanna Christanson, D.C.   Yes
Quebec  Daniel Saint-Germain, D.C. David Hayes, D.C.   Yes

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