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Chiropractic boards listed in our Official Directory are recognized below.  Members of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards receive annual benefits such as free access to CIN-BAD, free on line reporting, complimentary reporting agent service to HIP-DB, PowerPoll surveys regarding interpretative scope of practice issues, complimentary Official Directory binders, and education conference communication, etc.   Please contact the FCLB if your board would like to join our organization.  Click here to view the current dues schedule.

Links to board Web sites, license verifications, statutes, and rules open new windows to external sites whose content is not controlled or maintained by the FCLB.  Because Web sites do change and move, please let us know if you find a link has become inactive.


United States

 FCLB Directory
Board Home
Statutes and Rules
Application for Licensure
AL Home  AL Licenses Administrative Code  •  Statutes
 Alaska AK Home
 AK Licenses  Statutes & Regulations  Application
 Arizona AZ Home
 AZ Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules & Policies  Application Request
 Arkansas AR Home  AR Licenses
 Rules, Regulations & Statutes
 California CA Home
 CA Licenses
 Laws & Regulations
 Colorado CO Home
 CO Licenses
 Statutes, Rules & Policies
 Connecticut CT Home
 CT Licenses
 Statutes  •  Public Health Code
 Application  •  Instructions
 Delaware DE Home
 DE Licenses
 Laws  •  Rules & Regulations
 Application  •  Requirements
 District of Columbia
DC Home
 DC Licenses
 Application Packet
 Florida FL Home
 FL Licenses
 Statutes & Administrative Code
 Georgia GA Home
 GA Licenses
 Laws  •  Rules  •  Policies
 Hawaii HI Home
 HI Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Idaho ID Home
 ID Licenses
 Laws  •  Rules
 Illinois IL Home
 IL Licenses
 Act  •  Rules
 Indiana IN Home
 IN Licenses
 Statutes & Rules
 Application & Links
 Iowa IA Home
 IA Licenses
 Laws & Rules
 Application & Links
 Kansas KS Home
 KS Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules & Regs
 Kentucky KY Home
 KY Licenses
 Statutes  Regs (ch 21)
 Louisiana LA Home
 LA Licenses
 Statutes & Rules
 Application  •  Requirements
 Maine ME Home
 ME Licenses  Laws  •  Rules
 Maryland MD Home
 MD Licenses
 Maryland Code of Regulations  •  Annotated Code
 Application  •  Instructions
 Massachusetts MA Home
 MA Licenses
 Statutes & Regulations
 Michigan MI Home
 MI Licenses
 Health Code  •  Rules  Application
 Minnesota MN Home
 MN Licenses
 Statutes  •   Rules   •   Opinion
 Mississippi MS Home
 MS Licenses
 Laws  •  Rules & Regs
 Application Request
 Missouri MO Home
 MO Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Application  •  Instructions
 Montana MT Home
 MT Licenses  Statutes & Regulations
 Application  •  Instructions
 Nebraska NE Home
 NE Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Nevada NV Home
 NV Licenses
 NRS 634  •  NRS 629  •  NAC 634
 New Hampshire
NH Home
 NH Licenses
 Statutes  •  Administrative Rules
 New Jersey
NJ Home
 NJ Licenses
 Laws & Regulations
 New Mexico
NM Home
 NM Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Link to Application
 New York
NY Home
 NY Licenses
 Laws, Rules & Regulations
 Application  •  Requirements
 North Carolina
NC Home
 NC Licenses
 Laws & Statutes
 North Dakota
ND Home
 ND Licenses
 Laws  •  Rules
 Ohio OH Home
 OH Licenses
 Statute  •  Rules
 Application  •  Information
 Oklahoma OK Home
 Disciplined Status
 Practice Act
 Oregon OR Home
 OR Licenses
 Statute  •  Rules
 Pennsylvania PA Home
 PA Licenses
 Practice Act  •  Rules & Regulations
 Rhode Island
RI Home
 RI Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules & Regulations
 South Carolina
SC Home
 SC Licenses
 Laws & Policies
 Application  •  Requirements
 South Dakota
SD Home
 Licensee Roster
 Discipline Log
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Application  •  Information
 Tennessee TN Home
 TN Licenses
 Statutes (Title 63, Ch 4)  •  Rules
 Texas TX Home
 TX Licenses
 Statutes & Rules
 Application  •  Requirements
 Utah UT Home
 UT Licenses
 Practice Act  •  Rules
 Application  •  Bulletin
 Vermont VT Home
 VT Licenses
 Statutes  •  Rules
 Virginia VA Home
 VA Licenses
 Laws & Regulations
 Link to Application
 Washington WA Home
 WA Licenses
 Application Packet
 West Virginia
WV Home
 WV Licenses
 Laws & Rules
Application Requirements: 30-16-6
 Wisconsin WI Home
 WI Licenses
 Statutes  •  Administrative Code  Application & Links
 Wyoming WY Home
 WY Licenses
 Rules and Regulations
 Puerto Rico
 US Virgin Islands
     Statutes - Title 27, Subchapter X
 Guam      Statute  
FCLB Directory  Board Site  LookUpALicense Statutes & Rules  Application 
Chiropractic Board of Australia  AUS Home  Licenses  Legislation  AUS forms   •   Process 

New Zealand
FCLB Directory Board Site  LookUpALicense Statutes & Rules  Application 
New Zealand Chiropractic Board  NZ Home  Licenses  Legislation  Application 

FCLB Directory  Board Site  LookUpALicense Statutes & Rules  Application 
Alberta  AB Home  Licenses
Legislation  AB Process & Forms 
British Columbia  BC Home  Licenses Act  BC Application Links 
Manitoba  MB Home    Legislation  MB Requirements 
New Brunswick  NB Home    Act  •  Bylaws NB Application 
Newfoundland / Labrador         
Nova Scotia  NS Home    Act & Regulations   
Ontario  ON Home  Licenses
Regulations  •  Policies  Requirements 
Prince Edward Island         
Quebec  QC Home  Licenses Lois et Reglements   
Saskatchewan  SK Home  Licenses
Procedures Manual  Application Package 

United Kingdom
FCLB Directory  Board Site  LookUpALicense Statutes & Rules  Application 
General Chiropractic Council  GCC Home  Licenses  Code of Practice  •  Policies  Applying for Registration 

FCLB Directory 
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