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The Official Actions Database

The Official Actions Database is a comprehensive warehouse of information on actions taken by chiropractic regulatory licensing boards with regard to individual chiropractors. It is maintained by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards as a service to its member boards, to the health care community, and to the general public. (OAD Features) 

The Official Actions Database receives information from two primary governmental sources:

-Board Actions
The member licensing boards of the FCLB voluntarily report public actions taken by their board which have an impact on the licensure status of individuals. The FCLB’s
member boards represent licensing agencies in each of the US states, Washington DC, the US territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam, several Canadian provinces and Australian states.

The public actions by the licensing boards include, but are not limited to, actions such as revocation or suspension of a license, probation or limitations on practice, and fines. The restoration of a license, and the removal of limitations on practice are also reported by the boards.

Leading the way in comprehensive reporting, the licensing boards in Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota have reported all public board actions dating back to the 1950s.

-Medicare / Medicaid Exclusions
The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) periodically releases lists of health care organizations and practitioners who have been excluded from financial reimbursement under several government programs. The FCLB extracts from this list all information related to chiropractors. 

Data from these two sources is combined into a unified, searchable database. All information on a single practitioner is combined into a single, comprehensive report. This
sample report (requires Adobe Reader) illustrates the content and format of reports from the Official Actions Database. 

The Official Actions Database has numerous features that make it reliable, versatile and convenient for its users, however it does not include
malpractice settlements, accusations which have not been resolved by board actions, or board actions that are not a matter of public record.

Direct, on-line access to the OAD is limited to representatives of the member licensing boards of the FCLB, and to organizations which have purchased subscriptions to CIN-BAD. Members of the general public, or organizations that need only occasional reports, may choose to have the FCLB staff conduct a
Query (requires Adobe Reader) of the database for them.

OAD Features
-The Official Actions Database pools information from the member licensing boards of the FCLB into a single source. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has recognized the database as an "acceptable source" for information on sanctions against the license of a chiropractor. This NCQA recognition means that health care and credentialing organizations that want to meet NCQA standards can check once with CIN-BAD, instead of making separate requests of all licensing boards. 
-All reported information on an individual is combined into a single report where all reporting codes are spelled out, and headings are clearly defined, making the report easily read and understood by anyone.

-The database can be searched in several different ways:
  • by name
  • by Social Security Number (US) or Social Identification number (Canada)
  • by the board taking action
  • by the state given as the mailing address for DHHS exclusion actions

-Name searches are performed on a list that includes all known name variations for each listed individual. Full reports can be generated based on aliases or maiden names that have been reported to the FCLB.

-Users of the database can browse through lists of names. Users are encouraged to use their own informed judgment about whether the individual they are researching is listed in the database, based on the biographical information that is displayed.

-Full reports on any individual can be generated instantly by any user by clicking on the name in the database. Subscribers pay a modest fee when a report is generated and printed.

-Dated verification reports necessary for credentialing files can be generated confirming that a name search was unsuccessful--the user simply hits the print button in their preferred browser. The fact that an individual is not listed in the OAD is important for many of the users of the database. This report allows users to place a document into their files which confirms the search.

-Reports of board actions are entered into the database by the FCLB.

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