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The Chiropractic Information Network/Board Action Databank
The only interjurisdictional chiropractic board action database! In an effort to fulfill the FCLB mission, CIN-BAD protects the public while serving member licensing boards.

Since 1993, the core element of CIN-BAD is the Official Actions Database (OAD). The OAD contains information on chiropractors with public board actions taken by chiropractic regulatory licensing boards, and/or exclusions from Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The information resources on CIN-BAD assist in the efficient and accurate licensing and credentialing of chiropractors through a password-protected internet site. These resources are available to:  
  •  member boards of the FCLB at no cost  
  •  subscribing health care and college organizations at an economical credentialing cost  
  •  public individual queries at a nominal fee  

The National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company (NCMIC) has generously funded the continued development of the CIN-BAD system.

FCLB member boards, representing chiropractic licensing agencies in each of the US states, Washington DC, the US territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, plus several Canadian provinces and Australian states currently voluntarily report some or all public board actions to the CIN-BAD system. Action dates range from 1954 to current, most within the last 10 years.

The FCLB staff maintains the data regularly through data entry and a careful staff proofing process to assure users that correct data has been entered as reported by chiropractic licensing boards.

  •  Member chiropractic boards now have the option to enter public chiropractic board actions online through a secure system. Staff will verify that the information is accurate before it goes live. The FCLB prides itself on "human" proofing procedures to continue the integrity of the CIN-BAD database.

What is quality credentialing? In a sense, it is assuring that your health care organization or agency has researched all available sources of information to effectively make an informed decision on the applicant chiropractor.

Credentialing doctors of chiropractic is similar to credentialing any other health care provider -- however, the resources and criteria are different. Chiropractic boards have different requirements for education, scope of practice, continuing education requirements, etc. Therefore, it is important to review the criteria for jurisdictions where the chiropractor is licensed. Many chiropractors hold licenses in different jurisdictions.

Since 1996, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has recognized CIN-BAD as an "acceptable source" for agencies to check for chiropractic board actions as part of credentials verification processes. FCLB has created an unoffical reference table of NCQA Standards to assist with chiropractic credentialing.*

CIN-BAD's ever-expanding databases are tremendously significant to regulatory boards, chiropractic colleges, health care organizations, law enforcement, and the public. One may ask, "Why should I use CIN-BAD when I can just call the jurisdiction where the DC is licensed?" Some chiropractors with disciplinary history may not fully disclose all of the states in which they are licensed or have had board actions. Your organization does not want to jeopardize the health and safety of patients. It is always best to check CIN-BAD's interjurisdictional databases as well as call the licensing board.

ALLDOCS (All Legally Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic) is the next addition planned to complement the action/sanction data -- this source will allow primary verification of chiropractic licensure. This means one-stop shopping for verification of several NCQA requirements:
  •  Board actions/sanctions
  •  Medicare/Medicaid (DHHS) exclusions
  •  Current licensure
  •  Educational credentials
       * FCLB cannot interpret NCQA's CVO or MCO standards.

If you only have a few names to query from the CIN-BAD system, you may elect to have the Federation staff check the database for you at a cost of $26 per individual name. The information which is returned will include a full report on every individual in the database who might reasonably be considered a match with the requested name, date of birth, and/or social security number (US) / social security identification (Canada), or a validation report if no match is found.

You may print out a query form and simply fill out Section A (contact and payment information) and Section B (DC you wish to query) and the FCLB staff will complete Section C (validation if the name is or is not in CIN-BAD).

We will respond via fax, usually within 24 hours, to your query request.

If you plan to query more than 20 DCs in a year, please see on online subscription section to learn more about unlimited online agency queries rather than staff-conducted queries.
Subscribers pay an annual access fee which covers: account set-up, user training, and unlimited queries using your metered usage account.

Agencies that will have internal use of the CIN-BAD reports for their files (i.e. MCOs, PPOs, etc) are charged a $500 annual access fee. Agencies that plan to re-sell the information (i.e.CVOs) pay a $1500 annual access fee.

Click below for subscription materials:
  •  MCO agreement form
  •  CVO agreement form
  •  Account Application
CIN-BAD measures your actual databank usage and charges your account accordingly. A $3.50 fee opens any alphabet letter for search, where the system can generate a report validating that no public board ations are on file for most doctors. A $13.50 fee is charged only to print the report on doctors with public board actions. You maintain your won account balance -- there is no minimum charge. Gauge your metered usage amount upon how many searches you plan to do in a year's time. If you require additional funds during the year, simply print out an invoice and fax or mail it with your payment information to the FCLB to have funds added to your account. Metered usage money is held in escrow until used.

Benefits of an online subscription are:
  •  Instant access - no waiting for a reply;
  •  Agencies can track which names have been searched;
  •  Administrators can review historical metered account usage;
  •  Subscribers select who has access to agency usage reports vs. simple query privileges;
  •  Administrator level users add, change or delete users (please keep email addresses current and passwords in check for your security and the integrity of the CIN-BAD system);
  •  60 minutes of annual telephone technical support if users need initial guidance on how the database works. You'll find CIN-BAD is very user-friendly;
  •  Tips and credentialing guidelines as well as communication about regulating the chiropractic profession;
  •  The most important benefit is in knowing that your organization has credentialed chiropractors to protect both the public and your own stakeholders.
Subscribers who find a report on CIN-BAD should immediately contact the licensing board that reported the action. Subscribers should always find out the whole story before making any decision which could ultimately affect the career of a licensed doctor of chiropractic.

Chiropractic colleges use CIN-BAD for admissions, pre-ceptorship and post-ceptorship programs and peer review. If you are affiliated with a college and would like to receive unlimited online access for a discounted fee, please contact the FCLB office for a college agreement.

Released July 31, 2001, ALLDOCS (All Legally Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic) will provide access to information on all chiropractic licenses reported from the chiropractic licensing boards. Our goal is to provide the most current data on all active chiropractic licenses (data renewed every three months).
  •  Planned information will include full name, last known address, license number (s), gender, date of birth, social security number (if released by board), date of initial licensure, renewal date of license, chiropractic college attended, and date of graduation, merged with public board actions and DHHS exclusions.
  •  ALLDOCS will include primary date from each board merged into one reference file. A user will be able to view ALL the active licenses maintained by each individual doctor of chiropractic.
  •  To date, there is not a valid database available that lists every single currently licensed chiropractor. The FCLB hopes to protect the public and serve its member boards by being the first to integrate the data. Data will help with interjurisdictional mobility, disciplinary reference, and the "lost and found"!

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